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Saturday, 16 September 2006 00:31

ImageBefore you download and give it a try I would like to explain the environment this software is targeting at. The software might fit your use if a) you have your wmr928 connected to a 24/7 runnning linux server and b) if you have an ongoing connection to the internet and c) if you are looking for generation of weather data for display on your webpages. If one of the three preconditions don't match to your situation, then my wmr928d software will be of not much help for you.

The wmr928d software package consists of a couple of modules that read data from the sensors, do store the data on the server, do a consolidation of the data according to predefined time frames, and display the data via a couple of on-demand computed diagrams that can be included in your home page. As I wrote quite a long README for the package I am not going to rehearse the content here. Please download it from my document store and give it a try. The software is under GPL, if you have an issue with GPL, please contact me and we will see.

Since version 2.x this software also supports the rf receiver from rfxcom that allows to readout sensor data directly at 433MHz. In this mode the wmr928 software package supports up to 10 sensors of types wind, rain, thermo, thermo/hygro, thermo/hygro/baro and uv.

ImageThe best thing at the end... the package includes perl scripts that feed weather undergroung, cwop, awekas and wetterspielgel with actual weather data. This enables you to be active part of the online weather community.

Download here and have fun... any comment is welcome. ok, nice comments are more welcome ;-)

In the weather section of my homepage you get some examples what the software is capable of. If you are just interested in the rs232 protocol of the wmr928 and are going to write your own software the protocol specification here might come handy.

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